48″ x 72″

My paintings tend to be a diary of my life. Early teenage influences in my dairy were the images painted by Bierstadt, Moran, and Hurley and yes, my own father, which served as the guidepost for me to go forth and discover worlds of beauty in the American landscape. We are extremely fortunate as Americans to have our great landscapes and our history protected by our National Park System, the first of its kind and the model and envy of the world. Congress first set Yellowstone aside for protection 1875, in large part because Moran’s great painting. On a summer vacation, I shook and woke my three grandsons out of their sleep to rise and view one of America’s greatest treats, sunrise on Yellowstone falls. Exposure to images of beauty, guide and inspire us. I was once again inspired to paint Yellowstone, recognizing the worth of this experience for our time together.


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