Clearing on the Kaibab

Jul 8, 2013 | Trailside Gallery

Clearing on the Kaibab

28″ x 22″

As this summer arrived and my studio was way too warm, I recalled a painting experience this last March. Quite unexpected, as spring was well under way, a deep fluffy snow covered most of Northern Arizona. Admittedly naive , because of bad road conditions, I made my way to South Rim. Snow will rarely fall in the lower elevations of Grand Canyon. This contrast of color and textures appeals to me. As the cold front stared to move east and the sky opened , the sun was eagerly welcomed by me painting and by the hikers on the Kaibab trail that winds down the edge of O’Neil Butt located in the center of this painting. I did not finish my painting that day, but enough of the moment remained for me to created this studio painting based on that experience. There is nothing more magical than new snow on the Rim of Grand Canyon.

This painting is for the celebration of the Trailside Galleries 50th Anniversary. The Anniversary Exhibition will take place on August 23 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Learn more or RSVP for the event on the Trailside Galleries Facebook Fanpage.

I would like to congratulate Maryvonne Leshe and her staff at the gallery on this momentous occasion.

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