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Dimensions30 × 40 in

Oil on Canvas

40″ x 30″

New Mexico is home to people of a wide assortment of diverse ethnicities. The successful blending of cultures has enhanced the whole without sacrificing the individual and is evident in the arts and crafts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In New Mexico, since at least the nineteenth century, deeply religious Hispanic peoples have carved “Santos” from cottonwood trees. Santos are stylized religious figures representing favorite saints.  I discovered one of this trunk carvings of St. Francis amid a ditch-bank of sunflowers. The tall stalks of bright sunflowers with their yellow, brown, and purple or almost black eyes appear in the gardens all over New Mexico after the summer showers of August. The large yellow daisy-like petals droop coyly over the dark disks in a coquettish manner, a subject worthy of any artist’s attention.


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