Pendley Homestead at Slide Rock

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Dimensions24 × 30 in

Oil on Canvas

24 x 30

Slide Rock State Park is located in Oak Creek Canyon 7 miles north of Sedona, Arizona. Slide Rock takes its name from a natural water slide formed by the slippery bed of Oak Creek and is the best swimming hole in Arizona and in the country and attracts thousands each year. The park was purchased by Arizona State Parks 1985 and officially dedicated as Slide Rock State Park in October 1987. I feared that this historic homestead might disappear or change, so I did this plein air painting of the old homestead in the fall of 1987. For some reason I tucked it away. Recently the Phippen Museum of Prescott asked if I could help with an exhibition to examine population encroachment and change in Northern Arizona. I remembered this painting and pulled it from the bin. How wonderful it is! I had forgotten the freshness of brush stroke and color, and yes I had saved a moment in time with this canvas. With pride it is now framed and hanging in my studio. The land was first developed by Frank L. Pendley, who arrived in the canyon in 1907. Pendley developed an irrigation system (which is still in use today) and planted many apple orchards in 1912. Pendley built rustic tourist cabins and this house in 1933. Several early films were shot on the Pendley property.


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