My Studio: The Entrada

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Dimensions 24 × 24 in

24″ x 24″

Oil on Canvas

I have for some time now been in preparations for a large project; a painting of the discovery of Grand Canyon, in 1540, by the first European Don Garcia Lopez de Cardenas. This painting reflects my research and work toward that end goal. The Coronado Entrada to the Southwest was one of the most important historic events to shape our present day culture in the Western United States.

The armor and weaponry seen in the painting are replicas of mid-16th century armor of the type that Coronado and his men would have used during the Entrada. According to the muster roll, the armor used by Coronado and his men did include full-set armor. The banner depicted in the painting is a period-specific replica of the banner he carried, and which I found and purchased in Madrid. The books seen in this painting are authored by Richard Flint, the preeminent historian of the Coronado Entrada. The tall hat was part of men’s style of Mid 16th Century Europe. The setting is, of course, my own studio. See Ordering Descent,1540: Lopez de Cardenas (Conte drawing 40×30) for more use of this armor.


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