Guardians of the Switchbacks

Aug 12, 1989 | Arizona, Museum of Northern Arizona, Sold & Exhibited Work, Studio Painting


40” x 70”

Oil on Canvas

This is the jaw-dropping view that one sees at the top of the switchbacks, on Highway 89A, as you descend south into Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.

In the late 1980’s my paintings experienced a softening of the palette. I now look back to those paintings with complete admiration, because each period of my work has been dictated by experimentation and emotions, always broadening my learning curve … and I cannot go back to that place again.

I had the great opportunity to revisit this painting frequently at Garland’s Lodge in Oak Creek Canyon. Consequently, I could think about days and styles gone by. I miss those visits greatly. Today several of the Ponderosa Pines featured in this painting are no longer standing. Some paintings truly do become simply ‘of the moment.’

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