60″ x 72″

Oil on Canvas

This painting is the story of summer. As I was painting near Pima Point at the end of August in 2015, the constant play of light throughout the day brought to mind several mythological stories, especially the Greek God of the summer wind, Notos. The wind patterns of summer are primarily from the south, bringing moisture and dramatic towering monsoon clouds that can cast huge shadows over miles of canyon temples and walls. I was fascinated by the interplay of light and the extremely dark shadows. My instincts often lead me to paint that with which I am least familiar. Looking to the east of Pima Point, I have painted, the great geological wonder known as the Alligator, letting it dominate the middle ground in my composition. The colorful layers of the Supai Formation and the magnificent Redwall Limestone are the focal point. Grand Canyon fascinates me in its complexity; it is complicated and hard to paint most of the time. This is the kind of challenge that has kept my interest piqued all of these years.

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