For the past two years, Curt has been on a mission to enter the next phase of his career. It’s been lights, camera, action for Curt and his hand-picked team of documentarians. By documenting Curt’s life through his artwork, travels, conservation efforts, and with informative, exclusive interviews, the goal is to share how he continues to break his own boundaries and what motivates him to keep going. It’s been a very interesting adventure so far with interviews happening from California all the way to Indiana. People from his life share tales of painting trips, their favorite moments, and quite a few fun moments they’ve had with Curt. “This has been a very interesting journey so far. I’m learning a lot about myself, as strangely enough, a lot about why my parents made the choices they did when I was young, which shaped the person I am today.”

The documentary team has more interviews scheduled for this summer and early fall. To keep up with the team and get updates on where the production is, be sure to subscribe to Curt’s YouTube channel and follow his Facebook page and Twitter.

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