The 2008 Prix de West Show and Sale

May 3, 2008 | Press Releases, Prix de West

Walters begins to prepare for upcoming shows months in advance, and the 2008 Prix de West Art Exhibition and Sale is no exception.

Scheduled to begin on June 13th of this year, Walters had begun the show’s centerpiece even before he attended, and won at, the Masters of the American West show on February 2.

His past record at Prix de West is nothing short of astounding, with six awards received over a ten year period.  Last year, Walters took home his third in addition to “Spring’s Caprice” recieving the Purchase Award winner, has since been inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s permanent collection.

His other Buyers’ Choice Awards were delivered in 1998 during his first appearance at the show, and again in 2002.  At the 2004 and 2005 shows, Walters became the first artist in show history to win the on this page twice; the wins occurring back-to-back was just icing on the cake.

Walters has won a total of six more awards from other major shows.  Honored with the Trustees’ Purchase Award this year, he has also won a Patrons’ Choice Award from Masters of the American West.  Walters was given the Best Overall Presentation from the Eiteljorg Museum’s first annual Quest for the West show, and a Patrons’ Choice Award and the Victor Higgins Award of Distinction during their second year, in 2007.  He has also accepted a Patrons’ Choice Award from the Artists of America show in Denver.

In 2007, the American Bus Association announced in Destinations magazine that the Prix de West show will be one of the Top 100 events in North America for 2008.  The elite tourism industry selection committee sorts through hundreds of nominated events throughout the United States and Canada. Read the press release here.

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