Summer’s Delightful Faire

Apr 20, 1999 | Artists of American Invitational, Grand Canyon

48″ x 36″

This painting was done entirely on location, en plein air. The foreground formation do not have a name, that I am aware of. The painting features the Isis and Cheops temples, at center upper third. The view is looking down on Pipe Springs Creek, from the trail above, which is east of Mather Point and west of Yavapai Point.

The greens are, of course, simply a reaction to what I was seeing that day.

The rock cuts vertically the composition at the Golden Section. The composition, overall, is basically a diagonal from upper left to lower right.

The painting was in the 20th, and last, Artists of American Invitational, which was hosted by the Denver Rotary Club (2000).

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