Redolent May, 18” x 18”, oil on canvas board, $9,500.00 by Curt Walters

18” x 18”

oil on canvas board


My childhood from age nine was spent in the La Plata Valley north of Farmington, New Mexico,  just four miles from the Colorado state line. My father wore many hats, a practicing dentist with degrees in agriculture and psychology. He also had great interest in archeology and horticulture. I was fascinated when one early spring Dad taught me to graft cuttings taken from rose bushes located in Farmington to rose bushes around our home. The colorful blooms and wafts of sweet aroma of those roses remain a strong memory of my father and mother.  In my own back yard, I enjoy painting the roses that Tom so carefully nurtures every May just for me. As I paint in our yard, it is an evocative reminder of the sweet parts of my childhood, but more importantly, gratitude for the amazing life I live in Sedona.

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