Double Top Mountain Trail

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In 2006 I headed to Wyoming, Scott Jennings had arranged a backcountry horseback trip into the Wind river Mountains of Wyoming. The “Winds” are best experienced on horseback and the Continental Divide Trail is the quintessential mountain sojourn. I was keen to explore the headwaters for the Green River, the headwaters of the Colorado River. I was joined by artist Greg Hull, and John Cosby and Charles Munch. Returning to camp one day from the top on the steep trail down from Double Top Mountain, my horse was stung by a wasp, suddenly jumping wildly, I was thrown off my horse and ducked my head just in time from smashing my face a sharp edged bolder, bruised and shook, it could have been bad. We painted everyday and saw some amazing mountain ranges and peaks. We were gone 7 days and had ridden 68 miles horseback. It was indeed a grand adventure.


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