On-Location in Spain & France

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On Location with Curt Walters in Spain and France, 2010

It was during Curt’s 2010 trip to Spain and France where he produced a number of the on location plein aire works being shown in the Gilcrease Museum’s 2011 Rendezvous Exhibition Show and Art Sale in Oklahoma starting April 15th.

Staying abroad for over a month, visiting the countryside and capturing the moment on canvas allowed for documentation of the trip. The resulting video is an incredible view into how some of these paintings came to be. The digital version of Plein Air Magazine’s Summer Edition will feature this video in an article they are writing about Curt and his work.

To see the selections which will be available for viewing and purchase during the Rendezvous show and sale, please visit the 2011 Gilcrease Selections page.

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