Lipan Vista in Smoke

8” x 6”

Oil on Panel

Auction Value: $2500.00


In June 2020 California was struggling with a series of wildfires, the worst in our nation’s history. The smoke from those fires was carried an astonishing five hundred miles, across state lines, into Northern Arizona.

These fires were not started by laser beams from outer space, but rather are the result of a complex new reality for our western lands.  Over the course of many months, there were nearly 10,000 fires, with some 4 million acres burned.  The true depth of the damage and destruction is surely still unknown.

As I was painting at Lipan Point, I was antagonized by the alarming conditions, and how it encased the vista. The air felt like it had the same particulate light filtration captured by Turner in his images at the dawn of the industrial revolution. This is the story of Grand Canyon’s undefined, beautiful, and delicate temples emerging in the smoke as the sun began to glow bright orange on the horizon. In the art of plein air painting the artist finds truth.

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