Enchantment Reigns, oil on canvas panel,  12" x 12" by Curt Walters

Oil on Canvas Panel

12″ x 12″


To my delight a series of spectacular storms crossed Northern Arizona in the spring of 2023. In March I was lucky to catch a cold front as it was passing, leaving the rim and much of the upper levels of the Grand Canyon elevations covered with snow. The rapid moving cloud shadows and sun across wet dark plains was mesmerizing. I chose a view on the rim trail north of Mather Point. It was incredibly cold and the wind was gusting, but there was no other way for me to catch the emotion of the moment, except to paint. The enchantment I felt painting this winter storm at Grand Canyon is without words for now.  I can only interpret and hope that sometime in the future I can express verbally the emotions I was feeling.

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