Curt Walters Returns to Prix de West for the 18th Time

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 It’s time again for the annual Prix de West Invitational Show and Sale in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. This show welcomes over 300 artists and sculptors from some of the finest contemporary artists the country has to offer and this year is no exception. In its 44th year, the Prix de West has invited Curt Walters back for his 18th year with the exhibition.
Curt will have four paintings in the show, an all Grand Canyon series of paintings that depict the dramatic weather changes which occurred over the course of a 10-day period the first part of February this year.  While working on this collection of paintings for the Prix de West show, Curt had the opportunity to capture on video how he creates his work. The short clip, titled 10 Days in February, can be seen below and shared from the Curt’s YouTube Channel.
Curt can be seen in the video working on the small 12″ x 12″ near Yavapai Point. Curt battled high winds and cold to capture the exciting visual effects of a passing cold front. Back in the studio Curt used this field painting as the basis for Gift of Persistence, 36″ x 36″, which is featured in the show. The title is derived from the painter’s determination to work, even under dangerous conditions, to get the image he needs.
Curt can be seen in his video working on Far Away, a 14″ x 14 on canvas board, painted east of Mojave Point. Curt has captured the very last light as it hits the top of Isis Temple with a dusting of snow remaining from that mornings storm at the North Rim.
The third painting, completed entirely on location is Springs Subtle Intonation, a 28″ x 28″ was painted at Navajo Point, near the Watch Tower of the South Rim.  This oil on canvas depicts the 75-mile fault and the Colorado River as looking to the west. The day was very windy and you can see the dust hanging in the air.
Ancients Unveiled is an oil on canvas board, 20″ x 20″ and is the last of Curt’s entries into the show. It displays the temples as they rise out of the fog in the earliest part of February. This was started on a very cold afternoon at the Canyon and later finished in the studio.
The events at Prix de West kick off on Friday the 10th at 8:00 am for a Continental Breakfast, followed by seminars, talks and an artist panel throughout the day. The Preview Party starts at 6:00pm followed by the Awards Dinner at 7:00pm. Saturday the 11th will also have a number of talks, demonstrations and book signings as well as the announcement of the Prix de West Purchase Award Winners at noon.
Cocktails in the Galleries, followed by the Fixed-Price Draw for Art at 7:00pm.
For ticket information and reservations, please contact The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website at or call them at (405) 478-2250.

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