Cedar Ridge

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Cedar Ridge by Curt Walters

10″ x 12″

Oil on Canvas Panle


Painted on Location in 2018

The view looking west from Cedar ridge on the Kiabab trail was haunting me. I have wanted to paint it since my first hike down the trail in the 8o’s. It was my desire to catch this awesome view in the light of the monsoon  season. Wow was it hot, but down we went. Tom is always a trooper and willing to assist even in my most crazy of whims. The top of the Kiabab is very step and so down the 3 and 1/2 miles we went. I painted a 10 x 12. The monsoon clouds blew away to my disappointment, but the atmosphere gave a turquoise quality to the distance temples, and there was an amazing red, very red, reflected light in the shadows of the foreground. I was pleased with the day. We hiked out after sunset with headlamps. 

This will be one of three entries for Curt at the 2018 Prix de West Invitational.

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